Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

I am so tired of winter!
I know I won't get any sympathy from those of you who have been shoveling tons of snow this winter.  Most of the day lately has been foggy!  It doesn't burn off until very late in the day and by then who cares!  My cement in my yard is greener than my grass!  My roses are in the process of getting pruned so there is stuff all over.  It's a MESS!  The only thing that cheers me up is looking back at my pictures from summer.  I can't believe that I am sharing these dreadful pictures of my yard with you but oh well! :)

Wish I had some pretty roses to pick!
Sophie doesn't seem to mind the cold foggy days!  As you can see by her bows she is ready for Valentine's Day.  
Oops!  I woke up the sleeping princess!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  Please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to see all the pink pretties this week.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remembering My Father!

January 27, 1920 - March 30, 1998

My Uncle Bob & my Father.  Two of the funniest men you could ever know!  Love the outfits...and my kids laugh at what they wore in the 70's!  

I've posted this picture before but it's so funny I can't help but show it to you again!  Do you see the parakeet on top of my head? lol

My parents and my in laws at our wedding!  Mike and I were blessed with terrific parents!
Taken at my 25th anniversary dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay!  
Sophie with her Grandpa!  They loved each other!  
My Mother & Father!  

Forever in my thoughts, forever in my heart! 

Wonderful rose with hearts, animated

Monday, January 24, 2011

Debbie's Pet Party!

I don' think I have ever posted twice in one day but I didn't want to miss Debbie's Pet Party!

I know some of you already have met Sophie but for those of you who haven't she is our little Shih Tzu.  Her full name is Sophie Lynn but she has a lot of nicknames.  Mommy's Punkin Girl, Mommy's Precious, Mommy's Puppy, Mommy's Pretty Girl (mostly on grooming day).   Okay I have to tell the truth I have called her Bad Girl before when she used my rugs for piddle pads. :(   
Sophie LOVED her Grandpa!

As you can see Sophie loves a good nap!

Sophie and my grandson Caleb...hoping she doesn't get her ears pulled!  lol

August 3, 2010 we celebrated Sophie's 15th birthday!  

I do have a confession to make...she really is a DADDY'S girl!   She follows him everywhere! :(  It's disgusting! lol  Okay there I said it!  He knows it and  GLOATS LOVES it!  

Thanks for joining me today.  Make sure you visit the other precious pets being shared today at Debbie's Pet Party.

Cottage Colors Party January!

It's a new party over at Etsy Cottage Style Blog! 

The color for January is Blue!  

Here are a few of my favorite Blues!

My granddaughter Gracie of course had to be at the top of my list!

Russian tea cup from my Aunt many years ago!

A beautiful tea cup that belonged to my mother!

A chair I painted years ago!

My blue & white toile boxes!

Last but not least a beautiful summer day in the garden!

Make sure you check out the other blogs to see what blue pretties they have to share!
Just click the link below.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Son Darrell & Happy Pink Saturday!

Today is my son Darrell's 36th birthday!  I bet you're wondering the connection between Pink Saturday and his birthday.  You'll see...I promise!  

It seems like yesterday I was watching my son play little league.
Darrell 12 yrs. old

And then before I knew it I was watching him graduate from the Sheriff's Academy.
Darrell & Mike
Such a proud day I'll never forget!

And then I was watching him get married!
And dancing at his wedding!
As you can see we were both a bit emotional!  Of course we were dancing to Barry Manilow's I am Your Child.

And then I was watching him with his first born!
Darrell & Caleb

And then along came another little guy!

Darrell & Dylan
aka Big D & Little D

I'm so proud of Darrell and his accomplishments.  He's a terrific son and an amazing dad!  You can see how much his little guys idolize him!  He is also hilarious and always makes me laugh!  

Okay now for the Pink Saturday connection.  Since I have always had a passion for pink but didn't have  daughters I never let that stop me when it came to decorating. I never put anything pink in their rooms though HONEST!  I did put my Barry Manilow fan club stuff in Brian's room but that's another story! LOL  Darrell always told everyone how he had to use an all pink bathroom at home! LOL  When he got older I always reminded him his rent was cheap free!  I get teased a lot about my passion for pink and all my girly things.  I'm sharing some of my pink bathroom treasures with you today in honor of my son's birthday!  :)  

And finally this is what I did to Darrell's room after he got married! 
Thanks for joining me today on this very special day.  Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting our fun Pink Saturday each week! 

 I posted this at exactly 6:05 am which is the time you were born!  
Happy Birthday Darrell!