Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

It was tough taking decent pictures again today as we are in the middle of a big storm!  They even said there was a chance of snow!  It's pretty unusual but it has happened. December 2009 we had a teeny tiny bit.  
I know those of you who shovel snow all the time are laughing pretty hard right now! lol  This was a big deal for us here in California!  We have snow in the forecast for tonight but so far nothing!  

For my pink Saturday post I wanted to share some of my picture frames I've collected over the years.  I love displaying family photos throughout my house and I love to put them in fancy frames! 

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Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

Boy does the week go by fast!  I was having trouble finding something to share this week.  Then I remembered something I made a few days ago and thought it might be something fun to share with you.  

First let me ask you if you watch any of the shows on HGTV when they stage houses to sell?  I've noticed they always seem quite negative about silk flowers in any shape or form.  They refer to them as dust catchers!  :(  Well if you ask me everything in your house collects dust.  You can't really avoid it...dust is everywhere!  You just have to deal with it.  I love having flowers around my house so I am willing to spend the few minutes it takes to dust them off!  It's like bringing the garden inside and it makes my house feel cheery!   I love to put candle rings around some of my candles.  I think it really dresses them up.  Unfortunately they aren't always  that easy to find.   My sister gave me this beautiful mercury glass candle holder a few months ago.  I displayed it at Christmas with a red candle and a Christmas candle ring.  But, now I want to display it the rest of the year.  So I went into my stash of silk flowers and made my own.  

This one is in my bathroom!

Here's another one I made for my living room!

Here's some pictures of a few others around my house.

Susan from Northwest Pretties made this. She permanently attached the flowers.

Since I'm showing you some silk flowers I just had to share this adorable arrangement I bought using  a vintage purse.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday/Happy Valentine's Day

My fondest Valentine memory goes way back to February 1985 when my oldest son Brian was 13.   He had just started a paper route for the San Jose Mercury News.  Every afternoon while delivering his papers he would pass by a flower stand along his route.  Since he only had his paper route for a very short time when Valentine's day came around money was a bit tight.  He took 35 cents with him that day with the intention of stopping at the flower stand to buy me a carnation.  After picking out the carnation the lady told him they were 50 cents.  He explained to her he only had 35 cents. Thankfully she had a soft heart and told him she would except his 35 cents for the carnation. I can still remember him handing me that beautifully fragrant flower! Sometimes the little things make the BIGGEST memories!  

The Cutest Cupids Ever!

Maddie & Lily
My twin granddaughter's first Valentine's Day 2001.

Some of the pretty hearts around my house!

Of course who wouldn't want a heart shaped box of See's Candy and beautiful roses?

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pink Saturday...A Blast From The Past!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  Hopefully you are surviving this cold winter season.  I'm going to take you for a walk down Memory Lane and you don't even have to put on your coat! :)  For those of you who were born in the 50's like me you probably will remember these.  

Remember Spoolies?

I can't figure out why I ever used Spoolies since I have WHINED complained all my life about having curly hair!  What was I thinking?  When my sister and I were older we used to iron our hair! lol  My mother used to yell at us for making her iron smell like hair.  Memories!

I can't believe when I posted this yesterday I forgot all about Popbeads!  I loved them!  I can still remember playing with them like it was yesterday!

Did your mom ever buy these Butter Mints?   My mother always had them in a candy dish when we had company.  You didn't even have to chew them...they just melted in your mouth.  That must be how they got their name! LOL

We always had ribbon candy at Christmas!

 I couldn't wait to see what the comic strip was inside my Bazooka gum.  I think that was almost as fun as chewing the gum!

I remember when Fruit Stripe gum first came out in the early 60's...we thought it was so amazing!  Things were a lot more simple in those days.  It didn't take much to excite us as kids!  

Of Course everyone knows Good & Plenty candy.

Can't forget bubble gum cigars!

Remember these gums?  My mother's favorite was Beemans.

Did any of you have a pink princess phone?  I had one when I was older.  Wish I still had it but that was back when the phone company owned your phones. 

Remember the princess phone keychains?

Thanks for visiting me today.  Hope you enjoyed my little "Blast From The Past".  Even though I feel more antique than ever it was fun looking back at the simple things that entertained us for hours. Don't forget to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to see what the other Pink Saturday posts are.  

Have a great weekend!