Monday, October 3, 2011

A Test Of Ones Strength!

 If you saw my recent post then you know Mike and I went to Vegas for our 40th anniversary.  Sophie (our precious shih tzu) stayed with my sister while we were away.  She got stick suddenly with tummy problems.  It's a huge worry when they get sick but even more when they are 16 and you are away from home.  When we picked her up on Tuesday she looked rather worn out.  I figured we would give it a day to see if she felt better.  Well she got sick to her tummy again so off to the vet we went.  They gave her an anti-nausea shot and hydrated her.  Boy she perked right up!  About a week later she got sick again!  The doctor said if she did he would then do blood work to see what's going on.  Her blood work came back with her liver enzymes higher than he said he has ever seen.  NOT GOOD!  His biggest fear was liver cancer.  He told us to bring her in right away for x-rays to check for a mass.  He called me that afternoon with great news that he didn't see any mass.  So she is being treated for pancreatitis and hepatitis.  After spending the day there on an IV and shots she came home with more energy than I've seen in a while!  Unfortunately that didn't last long when I tried to wake her in the morning she was so tired she didn't want to open her eyes.  Of course it was Sunday and no one is there to talk to!  I believe she is having a reaction to her medicine.  :(  
My precious little girl!

Okay now if that wasn't enough to deal with I was put to the test again on Thursday.  My son who is the K-9 officer for Sacramento County was called out on a manhunt to find a guy who has been hiding in  Ft. Bragg, California (the redwood forrest).  Now my son is not on the swat team but they needed some experienced K-9's too.  He quickly packed up and left for his drive north along with 27 other officers from the county.  The guy they were looking for has been hiding in the forrest for 6 weeks living on food he was stealing from peoples homes and cabins.  Needless to say all the residents had left in fear with this dangerous man on the loose.  He killed a man the beginning of August and also killed a councilman (former mayor) at the end of August.  He was armed and very dangerous!  In the 15 yrs. my son has been a deputy this was by far the scariest!  They were dealing with a very sick and dangerous man in a very dense forrest.  Shortly after I received the call from my Vet that Sophie didn't have cancer I got a text from my daughter in law that the manhunt was over!  Without giving you details he won't be able to hurt anyone ever again and all the brave law enforcement officers came home uninjured!  For that I am truly grateful!

I had never seen spanish moss used this way!  
All this for one man!  Unbelievable!  

Saturday was Mike's he will always remember I'm sure.  We were able to have a great family dinner last night to celebrate Mike's birthday and Brian returning home safely!  Hearing him tell the story last night was like something from a movie (a very scary movie)!  

Wishing you all a wonderful week!   

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Very First Blog Award!

I received my very first blog award!  I am so thrilled to receive such an honor from Mariette of Mariette's Back To Basics.  

Have a wonderful day everyone!