Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday~Gracie's Tea Party!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  I'm sharing the tea party my granddaughter Gracie and I had Monday.  She was the perfect little lady to share tea with.  She arrived in a beautiful white dress she had worn in her ballet recital.  She wore white gloves with a rhinestone choker and matching headband.  

I made a menu for her to keep to remember our very first tea party!
Everything was ready…just waiting for my guest to arrive!
I bought her a Disney princess purse that I filled with goodies.  I also bought her a porcelain tea set.

The scones smelled so good I could hardly wait to eat one!  
Gracie arrived looking quite adorable!

Checking out all her goodies! I think she was surprised there would be gifts!

Enjoying her tea!
Yummy sandwiches!

Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share my tea party.  Happy Pink Saturday to all of you!  Please visit How Sweet The Sound to see all the other pretty pinks.  I have quite a busy weekend planned but I will do my best to visit you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank You All So Much!

Sophie and I would like to thank all of you for the very sweet birthday wishes you left for her 16th birthday!  She had a wonderful day.  She had quite a busy and fun week. 

The Sacramento County Sheriff's K9 association has been sponsoring a 5k run/walk to raise money for the K9's after their retirement for the last three years.  One of the beautiful dogs named Kaleo was stricken with cancer of the foot.  His treatments were not covered by the county so they have to rely on donations.  That was how the run/walk for Kaleo got started.  His treatments were somewhere around $12,000.  Luckily Kaleo was cured of his cancer without having to remove his foot.  He had to retire though and is living a wonderful life with his handler Mark.   

We decided to take Sophie with us for the 1 mile walk.  We have a stroller for her but her Daddy held her the whole mile walk!  I pushed the stroller which doubled as a walker! lol  I'm pretty sure Sophie would have preferred being at home on her soft bed!  She got a lot of attention though which she didn't mind at all.  Most were surprised to hear she had just turned 16.   I only saw one other dog there with bows. lol  I thought I would share some of the pictures with you.

She's a Daddy's girl!

Maddie & Sophie
Lily & Sophie
Sophie giving Lily some love!
Brian and his girls!
Brian got to be the bad guy for a change during the K9 demonstration!
The Hummer!
Brian waiting for the finishers!
Sophie is so spoiled she doesn't walk on a leash much...can you tell? lol
These dogs are so beautiful!

Come in and I'll show you inside the K9 office!
One of the deputies cut the K9 out of granite.

Inside the K9 son is K91.
Some of their awards!
Some of the past and present K9's.
Hope you enjoyed your little tour of the K9 facility.  I am proud to say I am the mom of two Sacramento County Sheriff Deputies!  :)  

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks again for all your birthday wishes for Sophie!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday/Sophie's Sweet 16th Birthday!

Wednesday my sweet little Sophie turned 16.  It's so hard to believe...time really flies.  My granddaughters came over for dinner to help us celebrate her special day.  

Sophie reminded me when I posted this yesterday I forgot to show her new cookie jar!
Sophie enjoying her rice pilaf!  She sits in the kitchen while I am making it patiently waiting for hers.
Looking for a grain of rice she dropped while her ear is falling in her dish! lol

Her pretty new pink bowls!

Time for cake!

Having a little taste of icing before having her own doggie cupcake that I forgot to take a picture of! :(

Not too excited about showing you her birthday bows and scarf!  I chased her all over the house so most of the pictures are blurry!  

Resting from the day!

Oops she caught me!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  Please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to visit al the other fun pink posts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday To My Sophie!

I can't believe my little girl is 16 today!  It seems like yesterday I posted her 15th birthday on my blog.  We're so thankful she has been blessed with good health.  My granddaughters are coming over to help us celebrate Sophie's special day!  I'll be back for pink Saturday with pictures!   Here's a few a bunch of pictures of Sophie through the years.
As you can see she enjoys a good nap!
We bought her a stroller but they didn't  have pink!
Always ready for Pink Saturday!
Even with all the remodeling that was going on she found a place for her nap!
The birthday girl is still sleeping.  She is resting up for her big day!
 Hope you all have a wonderful day.