Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few New Pretties!

Just wanted to share a few of my new pretties!  

Love how these plates turned out!

Pretty felt desserts!

Thank you again for all your sweet comments about Sophie.  She continues to do well! 

Have a great day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Update On Sophie!

Two weeks ago when I last posted I told you Sophie was going to the Vet for a recheck.  Well, she went and her doctor was very concerned that she hadn't recovered from the vestibular disease after 2 weeks.  Her head was still tilted which worried him.  He said she could very well have a brain tumor!  Yikes...that was the worst news ever!  He said the only way we would know for sure is with an MRI.  There is no way we are willing or considering putting her through something like that.  All it would do is tell yes or no but it wouldn't cure anything. He agreed with us but still had to give us our options.  I love my vet but I just knew in my heart this is not what she has.  I'm with her everyday so I know how she is behaves!  I've done a lot of reading since then about vestibular disease and brain tumors in dogs.  The brain tumors create symtoms very much the same as vestibular disease.  My Vet told me if she did have a brain tumor then she might very well start having seizures. :(   Sophie has not had any seizures thank goodness!  Some of the stories I read about vestibular disease said their dogs took anywhere from 5 months to a year before the head tilt went away.  In some cases it never went away but they lived a comfortable life.  

Being the fighter that my little girl is she has continued to improve!  She finally started eating her dry dog food without having baby food mixed in it since September when she got pancreatitis!  Oh happy day!  Her head barely has a tilt anymore and she doesn't lose her balance like she did. We take it one day at a time and are just thankful she is not suffering or in any pain.  My mommy instinct tells me she just needed a little extra time to recover.  

Resting after her grooming appointment.  Getting pretty is very tiring!  
Thank you again for all your kind words!

Have a great weekend!