Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let Me Know What You Think!

My husband is always talking about wanting a recliner in our family room.  We have had  couple of Lazy Boy recliners in the past but not since living in this house.  When I bought my new couch from Calico Corners I had them recover my swivel rocker instead of buying a new chair.  It's really not a very manly chair.   So I decided for his 60th birthday which is this Friday if I could figure out how to rearrange things to fit a recliner that is what I would buy him.  After he left for work one morning I moved my round table out of the way and put the swivel rocker in it's place.  I was kind of surprised it didn't look that bad.  I have no place to put the table but that's okay.  Having a kitchen/family room combination presents problems since you have less walls for furniture placement.  

I found a really nice recliner in a traditional style on Calico Corner's web site.  Unfortunately it wasn't available in leather.  I figured if I'm going to get him a manly chair it should be leather.  After doing a little research online I found the perfect chair from Ethan Allen almost identical to the Calico Corner's chair. 
It looks like a comfortable chair for a man doesn't it?
I ordered it in red leather with the furniture nails. 

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mosaic Monday~There's No Sign Of Fall!

Our temperatures here in Northern California are not showing any signs of fall.  The weekend was in the high 90's and tomorrow's forecast is for 100!   We had a little cool down for a bit and my plants were really loving it.  Believe me it didn't last very long and now we are back up there again!  

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

One day quite a few years while searching Ebay I found a super talented artist by the name of Jill Serrao.  Her sellers name was called Old To New.  I fell in love with all her work.  She was also selling on a web site called Victoria's Shabby Cottage.  The very first piece I purchased from Jill was this darling nightstand you see below.  It actually arrived on my birthday...what a great present to me!  I have a very bad habit of moving things all the time but I have to say this piece has been in my entry since the day it arrived!  Not too long after I was honored to become a seller on the same web site with such amazing  talent!  Jill now has her own beautiful web site...you can visit her at Rose Cottage Chic.  You should pay her a visit you will love it!  

I love this vintage window!
Love the cherub corbels on the shelf!  The picture of my mother looks beautiful above it doesn't it?

Another gorgeous vintage window!

This vintage suitcase holds my special treasures!

 Thanks for visiting me for Pink Saturday.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my beautiful treasures from Jill.  Yes I did say some ( I have more). I told you she was talented!  She is also very funny and always makes me laugh!   

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Whole Bunch Of Firsts!

I love to watch the food network.  I find it very entertaining even though I would probably not make half of what they cook.  I've noticed they all use food processors, so I thought I should have one too.  I bought one at Costco about 6 months ago or maybe more but who's counting?  I finally took it out of the box a couple of weeks ago and set it out on my counter.  
I figured if it's on the counter I might use it!

Yesterday when I went to Costco they had really nice boxes of California Peaches.  I am not a big baker but I LOVE homemade peach pie!  I decided to buy a box and try out a new pie crust recipe from Martha Stewart I found a while back and at the same time use my food processor like all the chefs do.  So, last night I made my Martha Stewart pie dough with my food processor (sorry no pictures).  It worked great!  It was very easy to use once I figured how to unlock the darn thing!  I put my dough in the fridge overnight  so I could make my pie in the morning.
I also bought new cutting boards at Costco yesterday.  The paring knife is also new.  It's a Guy Fieri knife.  I bought it the other night when we went to dinner at his restaurant Johnny Garlics.  The knife works great and only required one trip to the first aid kit. :(

I painted this years ago...it comes in handy when you buy a new knife!
All the peaches finally peeled and sliced.
Cinnabon cinnamon is yummy!  I found it online.
Ready to start rolling out the dough!
Mine never comes out round!
Already for the oven...so far so good!
In the oven for 45 minutes!
HOLY COW this is definitely a FIRST!  What in the heck happened to my pie?

I won't be winning a prize for presentation but the taste of the crust is yummy!
As you can see from the stains on the page this was not my first pie and definitely not my last!  If anyone would like my Martha recipe for pie crust I would be glad to share it with you. LOL 
One of the biggest challenges was trying to take pictures without getting all the peach goo on my camera!

Have a great day and next time you have peach pie I bet you think of me!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thank You So Much!

I would like to thank all you sweet ladies who left a comment regarding my husband's recent illness.  He is feeling so much better thank goodness.  He really gave us quite a scare.  Your thoughts and prayers meant a lot to us.  Now that things have calmed down I will start visiting all your Pink Saturday posts.  Thank you for visiting mine and leaving your sweet comments.   Bloggers are the BEST!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

I planned a little bit different post for Pink Saturday but unfortunately my husband became ill this week.  He spent a couple days in the hospital.  They first thought he might have had a stroke.  But thank goodness after many tests they were able to rule that out.  Last Saturday we were celebrating our 39th anniversary and this week he was in the hospital!  Can you say STRESSED OUT?  He is so happy to be home and so is our little Sophie.  She was totally lost without him.  If he stayed any longer I would had to get her therapy!  

I'm sharing a mosaic I did earlier in the week when I was playing around with some photos of pretty pink things around my house.  

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Island Jr. Is Almost Done But I Need Some Help!

A while back I showed you a picture of a little free standing island my contractor was building for my garbage. Yes, I did say garbage!  I thought I would share with you the progress so far...and I need a little help!

Island without the finish and top.
The walnut top arrived yesterday from DeVos Woodworking in Texas.  We found them online doing a google search for wood tops.  Boy did we get lucky...it's gorgeous!  
The side panels, drawer and door were removed for transporting to the finisher.

The island is going to go right under the pot rack!  No more tall people hitting their heads I promise.  My oldest son likes the pots there because when he comes over he likes to play tunes on them!  One time he came over and almost made soup in one of them.  I said HEY I don't use those! LOL  I drive my family CRAZY I know!  :)  

 Okay now back to business here!  My cabinets are really really white.  So my dilemma is what to do with the finish on the island.  I can only come up with three options.  Option #1 is to finish it white to match my cabinets, option #2 is to finish it white and put a antique glaze on it to bring out the pretty details and option #3 is do it white like my cabinets and live with it for a while and maybe glaze it later. Option #3 will probably cost me more money though.  I looked at a sample Steve had that was a creamy white with a glaze on it.  I loved the combination with the dark top but I think it competes with my very white cabinets. I also had a sage green sample but it did nothing for the dark walnut top. The cabinets being so white are a real pain! 

 This is where you come in. Since becoming a blogger in April I have seen some beautiful furniture makeovers you talented ladies have done.  So I thought who better to ask for help!   I am open to suggestions!  Maybe I should have just bought a trash compactor! :)

Thanks for stopping by today and taking the time to read this. 

Have a great day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday!

I have a couple of pretty tea cups to share today that belonged to my mother.  She had such a beautiful collection.  The first one is Stratford Elizabethan made in England. 

My second cup by Adderley is such a pretty lavender with a lacy gold trim.  It's simple but so pretty I think.  The Madame Alexander doll belonged to my mother too.

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