Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Have And To Hold

~My Parents~
After only a three month courtship they were married on May 24, 1947.  Their ceremony took place in my grandparents home in San Francisco, California.  My father passed away shortly before their 51st anniversary.

~Our Wedding~
Mike and I were married on September 11, 1971.  We didn't have a budget for anything too fancy.  My parents had recently started a new business so money was a bit tight.  Mike and I were only 20 so of course we didn't have much to contribute.  We shared our day with 75 family and friends.  A photographer friend of ours was going to do the  pictures for us but unfortunately he didn't show up!  My parent's neighbor luckily had a 35mm camera and kindly offered to take pictures for us.  He didn't have a flash for his camera so we have nothing inside the church. :(  We were blessed to have my very talented cousin Ray sing during our ceremony.  He has such a amazing voice it gives you chills.  When he sang the Lord's Prayer the tears started flowing down my face with not ONE piece of tissue in my possession!  What girl walks down the isle without tissue? My friend told me later she could hear me sniffing!  Oh boy that's a moment I won't forget!  

I remember when Mike first saw the cake topper I picked he said "If I had known there was going to be a ring on it we could have just used that one!"  lol  Very funny Mike!  

~Our Son's Beautiful Weddings~

Brian & Julie
May 30, 1998

Willow Heights
Morgan Hill, California

Darrell & Becky
August 28, 2004

My beautiful granddaughters!

Darrell and I cried through our entire dance.  We danced to "I Am Your Child" by Barry Manilow. Who else? lol

Thank you so much for visiting me today.  I enjoyed sharing my family weddings with you.  Thank you so much to Stephanie for hosting this beautiful and romantic event.  Please visit Stephanie at Angelic Accents to see all the other beautiful entries. 

I am also joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  


  1. What wonderful memories! I loved your wedding cake. So classic!

  2. I loved reading about all the beautiful weddings in your family! My parent's only dated 3 months before getting married and will celebrate their 31st anniversary on September 11th!! Must be a good day to get married!


  3. Denise,
    What a beautiful post about your family's weddings! All the brides including you look so pretty!
    I enjoyed visiting today and sharing your memories with you!


  4. Cherished memories and beautiful photo's!

  5. I absolutely love love love weddings! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Beautiful!

  6. Hi Denise,
    So enjoyed reading about your family, seeing the gorgeous wedding pics and your wedding too. You were a beautiful bride and your daughter in laws too. All gorgeous couples.
    Thank you for sharing your memories.
    Have a great weekend,
    Celestina Marie XO

  7. Every single bride was beautiful from the oldest to the youngest. I enjoyed your post!

  8. Totally incredible. Love all the pics and all you've shared. Blessings to you all and for holding fast and staying strong through the years. Marriage is doubt about it. When I read about those who stay the course I get completely teary-eyed. God is good.

    Love to you Oh Talented One~


  9. All beautiful brides! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the wonderful family weddings!

  10. Thank you for sharing your family weddings with us. They were all beautiful. Take care and have a great weekend.

  11. So sweet memories! Lovely weddings all of them!


  12. What a wonderful share of all your weddings. The memories & moments of the time are forever held closely in your hearts. May each of you all have many more sweet years of joys, together. Beautiful family ...

    TTFN ~

  13. Hi Denise~
    Your pictures are beautiful and such treasures! I really like the picture of your wedding cake on the table - it is truly wonderful! Your children's weddings are like fairy tales. so very special.
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy To Have and To Hold!

  14. Oh my what a beautiful post! What sweet weddings you shared. Interesting how different things are now. Like you we were pretty stretched for cash. I bought my dress on ebay for $100 and then resold it for the same amount. You were lucky someone did snap some photos for you. Loved all the goodies you shared.
    Squishy hugs,

  15. Hi Denise, what beautiful memories! I love seeing all the wedding year I need to plan better for my wedding post..I love seeing how things change throughout the years, but one thing remains the same, the LOVE.

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  16. Hello Sweet Denise!! I'm soo thrilled that you joined the Wedding Blog Party! I knew you would have such loveliness to share. First, I must say that I see where you get your looks ~ Your parents are both gorgeous ~ They could be a Hollywood Stars couple! Is that a love letter your dad wrote your mother?!? I love seeing your beautiful pic on your wedding day! Love the details on the sleeves of your gown and your pretty veil and flowers. Ya'll looked so happy. Your boys are both such handsome young men and their brides are beautiful. Precious little granddaughters also. But why didn't Sophie get to attend!?! :0) Better hide your cake topper and wedding bells if I ever come visit!!

    My out-of-town relatives are now gone so I can devote all this next week to visiting and revisiting all the lovely wedding posts!! I'm just in heaven!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents