Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday~Our 40th Anniversary!

I can hardly believe Sunday will be our 40th anniversary.  It doesn't seem possible!  Where did the years go?  When I look back I think WOW we were only 20 years old!  We were just kids!  Mike and I are going to Las Vegas tomorrow for a few days.  YES I have tickets to see Barry!  When I saw he had a show on September 11th I couldn't resist.  Our real celebration is a Caribbean cruise next month but I figured we needed to do something on the day of our anniversary.  When I told him Barry had a show that night he was overjoyed not too excited! lol  He has seen Barry more times than I think he would like!   Lucky for me he usually comes around!  

Looking back on our day!

Happy Anniversary Mike!  Here's to us!
September 11, 1971

Remembering those who died on September 11, 2001.
All of our lives changed forever!

September 11

Happy Pink Saturday everyone.  Make sure you visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to see all the pretty pinks this week. 


  1. Happy 40th Anniversary to you! September 11th is my parent's anniversary too...I'd say it's a pretty good day to get married! Have fun seeing Barry!


  2. Happy 4oth Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride and I hope you got to see your Barry!

  3. It's another Pink Saturday...and I pray each one of you will have a great week-end..and even some pink sugary fun! God Bless you
    My Husband and I will be married 39 years in October

  4. Happy 40th Anniversary - I think that is wonderful - good for you two! Enjoy your trio to LV and, of course, the cruise. Fantastic way to celebrate!

  5. Have a happy and wonderful 40th anniversary my friend.....
    Enjoy yet again another Barry!!!


  6. Happy Anniversary to you both..40 years is an accomplisment in todays society. We are young at heart in our minds. Have a nice trip to Vegas

  7. Happy Anniversary, Denise - what a lovely bride!
    Wishing you many, many more!

    May you have a very pink Sunday,

  8. Happy Anniversary and...

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!