Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've been such a bad blogger lately!

Besides wishing you all a Happy New Year my last post was the cruise I went on in October.  I said I was going to come back and post the second cruise we went on but I never made it back.  :(   

After the 7 day cruise on the Allure Of The Seas we went on a 4 day cruise called Malt Shop Memories.  It was so much fun!  It happened to be my birthday which made it even more fun. I was in music heaven listening to all these groups from the 50's and 60's.  Here's a few of the pictures from the cruise.

Little Anthony boarding the ship with the rest of us normal people!

John Stamos performed with The Beach Boys...he's sooo cute!

Everywhere you went there was music!

Chubby Checker and his wife

My birthday was also PromNight.

Yummy birthday cake we shared with the people at our table.

Elvis was everywhere!

I even saw him at the airport when we were flying home!   

Little Anthony and The Imperials were the highlight of the cruise.  He has more energy than any 71 year old I've ever seen!

I could have sat there forever listening to them!  

Mike and I stayed up till 2am decorating our door for the contest.  We didn't win but it was fun anyway!

It was fun coming to our room each night to something cute waiting for us!  I had to hurry and take the pictures because Mike would sometimes sit on them! lol

We had a wonderful time but it was so hard leaving our little Sophie that long specially with her being so sick.  She is doing really really well and we are so thankful to our wonderful Vet for the care they gave her while she was there.  When we couldn't communicate with our cell phone we emailed back and forth which really helped.  They open at 7am and Mike and I were sitting in their parking lot at 6:50. lol  Our Vet came in early that morning just so he could be there when we picked her up.  How sweet is that?  Of course I cried when I saw her.  :(  

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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  1. Sissy

    The pictures are great. I love the door!! You did a great job with the decorating!!