Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barry Manilow!

My hubby asked me last night if I was going to post a shrine to
Barry Manilow(my favorite singer) on my new blog.  I said 
"ha ha very funny".  Then I got to thinking ( hmmm) what a
great idea!   Heaven knows I have a ton of pictures! :)   I drag
my hubby all over the country to see him!  I don't know why
he keeps threatening to sell his tickets! :(  We were in the 
audience at both of his PBS shows in Las Vegas and New York.
Last October  a couple of days before my birthday  ( I used that
as an excuse to see another show)  we saw him perform at the 
Hollywood Bowl.  What an amazing night!  I think he likes the
shows more than he admits! A couple of  years ago he surprised
 me with the most amazing Christmas present ever.  It was  a
platinum ticket to his show in Vegas  which includes a front row
seat and meeting him in person!  What a thrill it was!  My hubby
was thrilled too...he got to sit in the sports bar while
I was having my platinum experience!  Go figure!