Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back At 2010!

Happy New Year

My year started out with a few things I would rather forget!  In February I dislocated my hip while getting into a shuttle van at the car dealer!  My husband and I dropped our truck off for some work. We were getting a ride home from their shuttle service.  When I put my foot on the running board of the van my body when one direction and my leg went another!  My husband said he heard a noise and thought I tore my pants.  I said no that was my hip! I would have been better off with torn pants. LOL The driver kept trying to make small talk with me all the way to our house.  All I could think of is when I try to get out of the van is my leg going to be dangling! I ended up with a bruise the size of a melon.  And if that wasn't enough in March stupid me decided to move a very large TV from my guest room out to my garage and ended up in misery with a pinched sciatic nerve.   Believe it or not that pain was worse than my hip coming out of it's socket!  :)  

In April I got the brilliant idea of  starting a blog!  I don't quite remember what motivated me but I am so glad something did!  I have enjoyed this more than I could have imagined.  Meeting all of you and following your blogs has been so rewarding.  I LOVE seeing your homes and all your very talented posts.  

In June we went to beautiful Lake Tahoe to watch our twin granddaughters play softball.  We had a great time.

On August 3rd we celebrated our sweet little Sophie's 15th birthday!

In August Mike and I went to Atlantic City for the first time. YES, YES it was to see Barry!  
On September 11th Mike and I celebrated our 39th anniversary.

October 1st we celebrated Mike's 60th Birthday.
He finally got the leather recliner he's been WHINING asking for!
On 10/10/10 our family went to San Francisco to United Airline's Family Day!  Our grandkids got to see where their Papa has worked for the last 42 yrs.
October 15th we went to Las Vegas to see Barry again!  

October 28th we celebrated my 60th birthday!
Birthday flowers from Mike!

November 2nd we celebrated the San Francisco Giants winning their first World Series!

I learned how to make mosaics to share on Mosaic Mondays! I remember being so nervous to share my first one but you all were so kind with your comments I came back again!
I loved participating in Tea Cup Tuesday.  It was fun to share my collection but even more fun to see all of yours!
Joining Pink Saturday was so much fun!  I met so many lovely ladies who share the same LOVE for pink!

I imagine if I stay out of shuttle vans and don't try to move any heavy furniture 2011 should start out much better!  Wishing you a very Happy New Year!  Thanks for sharing 2010 with me!  

Tonight is also the 42nd anniversary of our first date!
  A big thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

One Last Look...before it gets packed away!

My Family room
I painted this Santa back in 1979!

He's new this year...isn't he cute?

A few of our Christmas visitors!

I painted this patchwork Santa back in my tole painting days!

Another Santa I painted back in the day!

I can't fit a big tree anymore since buying a sectional so I bought this little 4 ft. tree and put it on a table behind by the couch.

I made this little reindeer many years ago...her name is Missy Toe.  I put her in charge of the Christmas cards this year!

My living room aka The Pink Room!

I just got this cute Santa a few days before Christmas! 

Another new Santa this year...this one is in my guest bathroom.

I found this cute battery operated fiber optic tree at our local hardware store.  They were having a 60% off sale yesterday but they were all gone. :(

Last but not least Sophie's Christmas bows which she was not to happy about showing you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Tonight we will be going to my son Brian's house for Christmas Eve dinner and some game playing.  Tomorrow morning we will be going back there for brunch.  My sister is coming to our house tomorrow afternoon for a prime rib dinner then we are going to the movies for the very first time on Christmas.  We're going to see Little Fockers and from the looks of it it should be hilarious!  

A huge thank you to Beverly for hosting our Pink Saturday each week.  I have met such wonderful people through this event.  It has been more fun than I could ever have imagined!  

Merry Christmas Everyone!