Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bedroom Door Project!

I recently posted pictures of our bathroom remodel we did last year.  I thought I would share with you a little more of what we did to the rest of the house.  We have kind of an odd shaped bedroom.  Some people have referred to it as a bowling alley!  It's 13 x 25 so I guess it does resemble one.  At the far end where the sitting area is we had an 8ft. window.  Nothing all that outstanding just a window with white shutters.  I had a great idea (my husband gets scared when I say that) to take the window out and put in a pretty door.  I did a little research and found Anderson makes a beautiful Frenchwood Glider.  I wanted the look of french doors but didn't want them to open into the room.  My contractor who was doing the rest of my remodel told me he could install it for us.  We decided to put in a 10 ft. door so it required a bit more construction since our opening was 8 ft.  He had to put in a new header to accommodate the bigger door.  Everything was done from the outside so there wasn't any sheetrock damage to our room (but lots and lots of dust)!  You can see in the pictures he did an amazing job!  I'm thrilled with the door and so very glad we did it!  As you can see from the pictures my granddaughters got a big kick out of Gramma having a big hole in her wall!

The inside before

The outside before

Just the beginning of the mess!
Lily, Maddie & Steve my contractor

As you can see the hole got a lot bigger!

All done!

From the outside!


  1. OH my heavens this is really pretty! Wow what a difference the doors make, I love the green on your walls and your bedding set up is darling!
    Love it all!

  2. What a beautiful transformation the new door brings to such a lovely bedroom! Christie

  3. What a beautiful room! I love that it opens out to the courtyard..Do you mind sharing your green paint colour? Love it..


  4. Hi Denise :) Oh my! How fantastic is that new door, and it brings in so much wonderful light into your gorgeous bedroom, and gives you a beautiful view to look at too. Love that shade of green on your walls, so pretty :) All of our walls in our home are wallpapered, which I love, but sometimes I wonder if I should at least have 1 room that is painted, perhaps the Living Room. Hmmm?

    Thanks for sharing with us more pictures of your gorgeous home. Keep them coming :)

    Have a great week my friend, Warmest Always, Brenda

  5. Ooohhh my gosh, this turned out beautifully !! It really opened the room up !! Your whole home is just RoSey, PiNk BEAUTIFUL !! Loving it all, and so happy like I said that I found YoU !! Keep creating and making it all beautiful ~
    hugs ~tea~ xo

  6. I am a fairly new reader to your blog and I want to say how much I enjoy it! I LOVE what you did to your is just beautiful

  7. Wow, it looks wonderful!!!
    Greetings from Europe-Croatia

  8. Oh my word that is just beautiful. What a great transition. It looks perfect.

  9. O Denise!!
    I am absolutely flabergasted at how beautiful those doors look inside and out!!

    Simply stuning!!


  10. Wow Denise you sure do have the designers touch!
    Honestly you should be an interior designer!! And an out-terior designer too - I just made up a new word HA!
    It is a magical makeover and how nice to just step out for a quick dip in the pool before bedtime!
    Lily and Maddie are darlings . . . and Steve is pretty cute too :-))
    Your bud,

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