Friday, May 21, 2010

My Trip To The Big Apple!

Nearly three years ago I received an invitation to attend the taping of Barry Manilow's PBS Special.  It was going to be filmed at a Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y. where he grew up.  If you have your volume turned up when you visit my blog then you already know I LOVE Barry Manilow!  Since it was only two weeks before our anniversary (Sept. 11th) and the show was being taped on our anniversary I figured I would have a better chance of my husband not saying NO! :)  When he got home from work that day I said "Hey I found something for us to do on our anniversary".  He said "Where is Barry going to be"?  He thinks he's so smart!  I said NEW YORK!  We had never been to New York and we always talked about going.  I couldn't think of a better reason than being on a TV special (with Barry of course) and finally going to see New York.  He couldn't say no to that!  Lucky for us we were able to fly for free and the show was free so I figured we could splurge on the hotel!  The only name that popped into my head was the Waldorf Astoria.  I went to their web site and looked up their rooms.  They were a bit pricey (okay really pricey) but since the flight was free I figured what the heck!  So I booked us a suite at the Waldorf Astoria!  I was pretty excited about going to New York, seeing Barry and staying at such a famous hotel.  Things were going quite well so far.  We got FIRST CLASS on a premium service flight!  It had reclining seats and they fed you throughout the flight!  And it was FREE (hubby works for United)!  I bought tickets to see Mama Mia on Broadway for the first night so we really didn't see much of our suite till the next day. 
Waldorf Astoria Lobby

 I didn't want to say anything and neither did he but our room was AWFUL!  The furniture was dirty the drapes were rotted and the carpet was wet from something leaking in the bathroom!  This is the WALDORF ASTORIA!  We decided that morning to go to the desk and tell them about the condition of our room.  They couldn't apologize enough!  He said if we didn't mind packing our things he would upgrade us to another suite.  We  agreed and off we went to pack.  He told us we didn't have to be there that they would move our things for us. So we were off to see New York!  
View from the double decker tour bus
Oprah was doing her show from New York that day!
Our Second Suite!

When we arrived later that evening (or I should say morning)  without going into too much detail there was a plumbing issue in our bathroom!  Yikes this is the WALDORF ASTORIA!  When we got up in the morning we decided to go speak to the manager.  He too couldn't apologize enough. 
 He said if we didn't mind packing again ( OH GEEZ AGAIN) he would upgrade us to another suite but this time in the WALDORF TOWERS!  We said okay and off we went to pack once again.  I got smart this time and left all our clothes on hangers!  The bellman came and took us in the elevator that requires a special card or you can't go up! 

 I thought wow I feel kind of important!  He took us to the 37th floor (there are 42 floors), walked us down the hallway and opened the door to the biggest suite I have ever seen!  The foyer was gigantic! 
The Foyer!

The Dining Room!

The Parlor!

The View!

The Flowers!

The Bathroom!

The Bedroom!

I'm not quite sure how long it took before our mouths finally closed from the shock!  Off the foyer was a huge dining room.  Then we entered the parlor (not quite sure if that's what they called it).  It must have been 100 ft. long!  At one end was a baby grand piano (Barry wasn't there playing) :( and so many sitting areas I can't remember.  There were 3 bathrooms, maids quarters and a full kitchen.   There were so many closets my husband couldn't find where the bellman put his clothes! lol  I called everyone I could think of and said "You will never believe where we are"!  I think we spent that whole day laughing and in shock!  When we got back that night after the TV show taping there was champaign and chocolate strawberries waiting for us.  The next night we had a beautiful flower arrangement delivered to us along with dessert and imported water from Ireland!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our trip would have been so memorable!  Thanks BARRY!


  1. OMG!!!

    What a great trip!! And that suite is to die for!!

    We used to get comp suites at Ceasar's in Atlantic City that had a dining room and living room. My boys used to love when we stayed in those suites!!

    What great memories for you!! I too love Barry!!


  2. Hi Denise :) My Goodness, what an adventerous trip you had. Well, at least you got to see some differnt rooms in the hotel, lol:) I guess they were just wanting to save the best for last for ya. Other than that "hotel" thing, it sounds like you two had a wonderful trip :) Oh, and love that pretty flower arrangement! I see pink roses in it :)

    Thanks for sharing this story with us :) You have a great weekend, warmest always, Brenda

  3. Wow, this looks like a mansion!!! I have never stayed in a room that big. Oh my the flowers are really pretty....and I love Oprah and Barry...what a wonderful trip.

  4. What a great story! The suite was lovely..and worth moving three times I am sure.. ;)Glad it all worked out and you enjoyed the concert. Take care..


  5. Great trip and wonderful suites:)

  6. NO WAY!!!! That is one of the most amazing suites I have ever seen! That was definitely the trip of a lifetime! How wonderful.

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing these fabulous memories!

  7. Well now that was certainly the cherry on top of an anniversary Barry weekend sundae wasn't it Denise!!
    I'm surprised that such a prestigious hotel would have inferior rooms like that but your final destination was worth a couple repackings!
    This story sure makes some fun memories for the #1 Fanilow in the whole universe :-)
    Your bud,