Friday, May 7, 2010

Remembering My Mother!

Forever in my heart...Forever in my thoughts.
March 10, 1920 - February 24, 2005


  1. Dear D...I remember when you shared with me your Mother's passing. You look sooo much like her and I just imagine you share her gentle spirit.

    I love the photos in your collage...beautiful.

    Wasn't it you who sent me a tiny cross stitched piece with violets? I think it was. I made it into a gift for my mom several years ago.

    Love to you talented one...Rebecca

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to our mother. Happy Mother's Day.



  3. I love that photo of grandma on your pink wall.
    I just stole it from you :)

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I lost my mother suddenly just a few years ago, and Mother's Day is still a difficult day for me, but my wonderful children help me get thru it :)

    Happy Mother's day to you, warmest always, Brenda

  5. Oh Denise thank you for sharing a bit of your Mom with us! You chose some especially sweet photos to showcase.
    She will be there right alongside you in spirit on your Mothers Day, with her grandsons and all her GREAT grandkids too! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday filled with sweet future memories!!
    Your bud,
    P.S. I love your latest song choice - I am Your Child - says sung by Unknown but it sure sounds like Mr. Manilow to me :-)

  6. What a fabulous triblute to your Mom. You did a wonderful job organizing those pictures. It's so sweet! What a great daughter you are. Hugs My Friend, Susan