Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Room Makeover!

A while back I showed you the progress I had made making over my family room.  I have a kitchen/family room combination so it's been a combined project.  I think the last thing I shared with you was the new ottoman and I mentioned I was waiting for a few more pillows and the valances.  Well, they are here and I couldn't be more pleased.  It is true about a chain reaction...once you start one thing it makes something else look bad!!!!!!! You can't really stop till it all blends together.  Right?  The glare through the window makes picture taking a real challenge so these aren't the best!
Family Room Window
The plaid lining fabric is the same fabric used in the pillows.
Kitchen window

Below is a picture of my kitchen that has gone through some changes too.  When it's completely done I will share with you the before, during and after photos.  There is going to be a little island underneath the pot rack that will be for garbage.  When you see the picture you will probably think I am nuts to put garbage in it! LOL  
Here is little island jr. as my contractor Steve and I call it.   The front panel is a slide out that has a garbage unit that holds two cans and even a place to store your bags.  Above that is a small drawer.  It took me a while to figure out how we should finish it.  My VERY white cabinets made it kind of a challenge.  We first thought we would stain it to match the floor but I was afraid it would be lost.  I want it to stand out after all it's so darn cute!  So I decided to use a white that matches my cabinets and then put an antique glaze on it to bring out all the details.  The top is going to be a 1 1/2 inch walnut wood top with a curvy edge like you see in french furniture.  I can't wait!   


  1. Lovely Denise! Both rooms flow so nicely..


  2. What a fabulous kitchen!


    And a Nice Garden :)

  4. Hi Denise... Your new valances and pillows really give the room a happy pop! Love the color of the sofa too! Your sister bought you a gorgeous teacup below too:-)
    Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

  5. Hi Denise,
    You have a lovely home-love all your little touches!
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and thank you forvisiting me and doing a post with the link to my blog(peonies)that was so kind.
    Enjoy your Sunday.


  6. Hi Denise. I found your beautiful blog by a link on another blog. I lived in Stockton for 19 years before we moved to Arizona 20 years ago. I have a Madam Alexander doll that I got for Christmas in 1942 when I was 6 years old. We both love pink. I'd say we have a few things in common. I'd be happy to have you visit my blog (actually I have four) any time.