Friday, July 9, 2010

The Most Beautiful Peonies Ever!

I am amazed at some of the photos I've seen of your beautiful gardens. There is one in particular that is breathtaking! Just in case you haven't seen Carolyn's peonies at Aiken House & Gardens you need to check out her blog. I've never seen such beautiful peonies.  She displays them beautifully too!  You won't be disappointed! 

As for my garden in the 10 years I've lived in this house I think this is my worst year ever for my roses.  We had an unusually harsh winter (even snowed once) and never really had a spring.  We just went from rain to heat.  I've had to cut some of my roses down and start all over.  I have about 75 roses and none of them are having a good year.  My first bloom this year looked pretty good  but then they all got rust and black spot and the leaves fell off! :(  I'm so glad I have been able to enjoy all of your lovely gardens this summer.  The flowers below are a few from my garden that managed to escape being fried from the heat!  :)

  We are leaving today for the weekend to watch our granddaughter's softball tournament! Go Roseville Thunder!!!!!!   Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend visiting and watching your granddaughter play. Your garden flowers look lovely for all the heat they have had. Take care.

  2. Oh I completely understand! I have about 15 roses,maybe 20 , they started off bushy and then the leaves began to go! Now I se some little wonders popping out, hope these stay! Beautiful photos! I need to snap some of my gardens on Saturday! Lori

  3. I understand you so well. I had a big beautiful arched rose bush that died completely. I was heartbroken. I hope your roses will recover.
    The mosaic is very pretty though.