Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back From Atlantic City...Part One!

Well my trip is all over!   It sure does go really fast!  I had a great time and enjoyed seeing the Atlantic for the first time! 

Our flight to Philly started out pretty nice.  Just a few scattered clouds.  But it didn't take long for that to change!
We started seeing some thunder clouds.
I'm stilling thinking they are sort of pretty at this point!
 I have to confess I've never really read the safety card and I have flown more times than I can count!  Married to an aircraft mechanic for 39 yrs. we have flown a lot.  But as the clouds got a bit more scary I thought maybe I should know my options!  
These people don't seem to care about the BIG thunder clouds! They must be from the east coast.

Okay this is where the fear set in!  I'm a California girl we don't have this kind of weather in the summer! We couldn't see the wing or engine anymore.  I even looked at my husband and said something that shocked him completely.  I said "Stupid Barry Manilow".  Boy you should have seen the expression on his face that I used the word stupid and Barry Manilow in the same sentence!  LOL  Fear makes you say crazy things!  Sorry Barry! As we started our descent it started to clear and my hands regained their blood flow!  I was never so happy to see the ground and even more when the landing gear touched the runway.  

On the Walt Whitman Bridge headed for Atlantic City!
My friend Marty grew up in New Jersey and told me all about Tastykakes. They seem to be quite popular.  He also told me about Wawa Stores (such a funny name) so I just had to go and see what all the fuss was about. 
 We turned off at the town he grew up in to check out the Wawa store that he used to go to. He was right they are much better than 7-11.  After buying some goodies from Wawa we got back on the expressway and headed for Atlantic City.

 I reserved an ocean view room at the Trump Plaza.  We were given a room on the 16th floor.  When we entered our room this was the view of the ocean from our window!  You had to actually put your nose up to the window to see that little bit of ocean!  
It's really blurry since my husband took it with his phone but you can see it's not much of an ocean view.  We decided to go back to the desk and ask if they had a better view.  They moved us to the east tower and it really changed our ocean view don't you think?  Wonder why we didn't get this room the first time!

Now that's an ocean view!

I'll be back tomorrow with part two.  Have a great night everyone!


  1. Denise,
    Hello! What memories your photos brought back to me!! I left a comment for you about my trips to A.C. on your last post before your left.


  2. Flying is not my favorite mode of transportation.

  3. GASP Denise!!! "Stupid Barry Manilow"??? Blasphemy!! You must have been REALLY REALLY frightened to utter such words :-)
    I sure did enjoy sharing in your trip via the photos and am off to read part 2!
    Welcome home hugs,