Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Trip to Atlantic City...Part Two!

I'm back with the rest of the highlights from my trip.  We really were so lucky the weather was great!  I really prepared myself for rain and a lot of humidity.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  No rain and no humidity!  There was always a nice ocean breeze which made it so pleasant.  Our tour guide for our trip was my friend Marty via the cell phone! LOL  It was really helpful believe me!  
From our room on the 16th floor.  On the left are the pier shops for Caesars.  I'm so glad we asked to be moved to a new room.
I could even see the Steel Pier!
Now that looks like fun!
Of course I had the perfect view of the ever changing billboard!
The Wild Wild West Casino

Some pretty flowers along the Boardwalk.  I'm assuming they replant these every year since they couldn't possibly survive the winter.
Couldn't go to Atlantic City and not see the Taj Mahal!  We had a great dinner there.  
The Steel Pier
Marty's favorite casino.  Guess you have to be a winner to say that! :)
Our tour guide (aka Marty) told me to play spin poker...I didn't win the $21,877.43 or anything for that matter!
The Borgata is the newest Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City built in 2004.  
I tried to take pictures of as many of the Monopoly streets as I could but it's not easy from a car when Mario Andretti (aka hubby) is behind the wheel!
A lot of people cruise the Boardwalk in these rolling chairs! Marty called them strollers...I like that name better!
Now for the real reason for the trip! I have to tell you the quality of the pictures are never good.  Between the bright light on him and the fog on the stage it is very hard to get good photos.
It wouldn't be a Barry Manilow show without the glow sticks!
There was a little bit of clean up after the show!  
I brought a bit of it home with me!  

The show was wonderful as it always is.  

What can you say about a man 67 yrs. old that can fill an arena?  TALENTED!  
Just a few things I brought home with me. 

I hope you enjoyed taking this little trip with me.  I just want to thank my husband Mike for putting up with my OBSESSIONADDICTION, LOVE for Barry Manilow's music!  He is a really good sport about it and I am truly grateful!  I would never go on these trips alone so I thank him from the bottom of my heart!  Also a BIG thank you to our tour guide via cell phone Marty for helping us around the city.  At least you could have sent me to the winning slot machine!  :)


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! The pictures are great! I saw a Ruths Chris steakhouse sign in your picture of St. names. Have you ever eaten there? They have wonderful food! Great service. Have a great evening!

  2. Oh my Denise! What a wonderful time you had!! And I have to say that your pictures are fabulous!! It was almost like being there and I have my speakers up hearing the best Unchained Melody :-)
    I have to ask if you a close-eyed swayer or a sing-alonger? Sadly for anyone around me I am a sing-alonger HA!
    Are those curly things made of glass?? They look so interesting - and huge!
    I'm so glad you had such an enjoyable time with your hubby and are safely home sweet home!
    Thanks for sharing your Barry experience with us!!

  3. Denise,
    What memories your photos have brought back to me! We always stayed at Ceasar's and had pretty much the same views from our suites. I just love Bally's Wild West Casino!! It is directly connected to Ceasar's and we played their often.
    I too love Barry Manilow and was thrilled when I was able to see him perform at the arena that is 5 minutes away from my home!!
    So glad that you liked A.C.


  4. Hi Denise. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I've never been to Atlantic City. It looks like so much fun. I'm sure glad you got to get a better ocean view. How stunning. I was gripping the plane seat with you when you were coming into the east. lol. Barry looks marvelous! That's a trip to remember!

  5. Those are some great pictures. I bet you had a wonderful time.

  6. I love your news on your roses and travels to see Barry! Love that music, too. Thanks for sharing...