Monday, October 11, 2010

United Air Lines Family Day! 10-10-10

Going through San Francisco on our way to the airport.  The airport is actually in the city of San Bruno which is south of San Francisco.. The picture in the upper left corner is Alcatraz hidden behind some haze from the fog.  The middle right picture is the Bay Bridge.  Below that one is Coit Tower.  I couldn't get the Golden Gate Bridge because it was hidden by fog.  Taking these pictures from a moving vehicle is  a real challenge.  

This is where my husband has worked for the past 42 yrs.  He started as an apprentice mechanic when he was only 18.  

The weather was beautiful and I think our grandkids had a great time.  

If you ever wondered why the price of airline tickets are so much these babies are really BIG bucks!
Pratt & Whitney engines power the Boeing 747-400 and the 767-200/300

The landing gear compartment.

The Blue Angels were here for San Francisco's fleet week.  We didn't get to see their show since it was in the city. But we did see them fire up the planes and watch them take off.

Just in case you have never flown First Class this is what you're missing.   My daughter in law Julie was laughing because I told her they sort of look like a coffin.

No matter how many times I tour the United facility I still find it so fascinating.  It takes an awful lot to run an airline!  


  1. Hanny these photos are fantastic!
    I love the collages. That picture of Julie is funny, is that what the first class seats look like now? Wow, in 1996 they were sure different.

  2. Great mosaics, love the bridge picture. Flying first class sure beats sleeping sitting up. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Congratulations to your husband it must have been a cool job. These are some awesome pictures, can't wait for my boys to come home from school so I can show them these pics, they're gonna love them.

  4. I love San Francisco!! Great pictures!!! When I fly first class the seats don't look like that. Guess it's the wrong airline!!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Sure wish you could see the Blues in action! Wow! I live in Pensacola and see them flying over my house, but when I go to NAS and watch them practice, oh my goodness, it thrills my heart and fills me with American pride! Hope you get to see them!

  6. Fantastic photos!! What a great tour...thanks.
    You make me want to go 1st class on our next trip, that's for sure.
    Please tell your DH 'thank you' for helping to keep so many people safe in the air all those years.

  7. Hi Denise!
    Wow I'm truly impressed with these airplane photos! You must be so proud of Mike for working on those big birdies!!
    And your collage is so sweet with all the family pics! You have such a gorgeous family! Guess I should say gorgeous AND handsome ;-))
    Big Huggers,