Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Yikes I am late again this week!  But I did make it!  My first cup I'm sharing today was a gift from my aunt.  She is the one who started my collection and for that I am so grateful.  It's stamp says made in USSR.  I saw a lot of these in shops when I went to Alaska.  I bought my niece the tea pot when I was there but for some reason I didn't have the sense to buy myself one!  

My second cup was given to by my daughter in law.  It belonged to her grandmother and she asked me if I would like it.  How lucky was that?  I just love it!  It's a very dainty design and the cup is quite thin. I guess people used to use them rather than just display them but not me!  

Thank you again to Martha & Terri for another fun Tuesday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mosaic Monday ~Weekend in Lake Tahoe

I mentioned in my last post I was going to Lake Tahoe  for the weekend.  My twin granddaughters were playing in a softball tournament there.  I can't think of a more beautiful place to watch softball games.  The weather changes very quickly there and we had a thunder storm pass over during one of the games today. Before you know it the sun was out again.  I didn't have very much time for sight seeing but I managed to get some pictures of the lake.  A couple of them were taken from our balcony in the early morning while the lake was still calm.

Thank you to the Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off To Lake Tahoe!

I am off for a fun weekend in beautiful Lake Tahoe to watch my granddaughters play softball!  Can't wait for some cooler weather!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Boy I am running late today!  My first cup today doesn't have much of a story behind it.  I think I just bought it because it had pink roses.  :)  That's a pretty good reason isn't it?  It's by Roy Kirkham and is made in England copyright 1992.  
My second cup to share belonged to my mother.  I'm not really sure how old it is.  My mother started collecting cups in the 1950's.  I never thought to ask her about them but i'm sure most of them have a story to tell.   This pretty yellow cup is by Royal Albert.  They always made the prettiest designs don't you think? 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Make sure you make the rounds to see everyones pretty tea cups.  Thank you to Martha & Terri  for  another fun Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Room Makeover!

A while back I showed you the progress I had made making over my family room.  I have a kitchen/family room combination so it's been a combined project.  I think the last thing I shared with you was the new ottoman and I mentioned I was waiting for a few more pillows and the valances.  Well, they are here and I couldn't be more pleased.  It is true about a chain reaction...once you start one thing it makes something else look bad!!!!!!! You can't really stop till it all blends together.  Right?  The glare through the window makes picture taking a real challenge so these aren't the best!
Family Room Window
The plaid lining fabric is the same fabric used in the pillows.
Kitchen window

Below is a picture of my kitchen that has gone through some changes too.  When it's completely done I will share with you the before, during and after photos.  There is going to be a little island underneath the pot rack that will be for garbage.  When you see the picture you will probably think I am nuts to put garbage in it! LOL  
Here is little island jr. as my contractor Steve and I call it.   The front panel is a slide out that has a garbage unit that holds two cans and even a place to store your bags.  Above that is a small drawer.  It took me a while to figure out how we should finish it.  My VERY white cabinets made it kind of a challenge.  We first thought we would stain it to match the floor but I was afraid it would be lost.  I want it to stand out after all it's so darn cute!  So I decided to use a white that matches my cabinets and then put an antique glaze on it to bring out all the details.  The top is going to be a 1 1/2 inch walnut wood top with a curvy edge like you see in french furniture.  I can't wait!   

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday!

My tea cup I'm sharing today was a birthday gift from my sister.  I just love the soft colors and the very dainty style especially the sweet little rose on the handle!  The cup is from the Lena Liu Collection called Blushing Rose.

Thank you for visiting me today.  Thank you to Martha & Terri for another fun Tuesday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Most Beautiful Peonies Ever!

I am amazed at some of the photos I've seen of your beautiful gardens. There is one in particular that is breathtaking! Just in case you haven't seen Carolyn's peonies at Aiken House & Gardens you need to check out her blog. I've never seen such beautiful peonies.  She displays them beautifully too!  You won't be disappointed! 

As for my garden in the 10 years I've lived in this house I think this is my worst year ever for my roses.  We had an unusually harsh winter (even snowed once) and never really had a spring.  We just went from rain to heat.  I've had to cut some of my roses down and start all over.  I have about 75 roses and none of them are having a good year.  My first bloom this year looked pretty good  but then they all got rust and black spot and the leaves fell off! :(  I'm so glad I have been able to enjoy all of your lovely gardens this summer.  The flowers below are a few from my garden that managed to escape being fried from the heat!  :)

  We are leaving today for the weekend to watch our granddaughter's softball tournament! Go Roseville Thunder!!!!!!   Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Calico Corners Has Done It Again!

After purchasing the wrong size chair a couple of times (good thing I found homes for them) I finally have a chair that is proportioned with the size of my vanity.  I purchased the fabrics that I used from them a couple of years ago when I was making things for a website.  That made it nice and a little cheaper!  First I'll show you the chair I already had that I thought might work. WRONG!  Then the second chair I bought is so precious from The Bella Cottage. WRONG AGAIN!  The third chair I won on Ebay, also cute but WRONG AGAIN!  Seriously I need to measure more carefully!  I gotta be careful what I admit to on here cuz Hubby reads my blog!  :)  So here they are in order.
1st chair I already had
2nd chair from The Bella Cottage
Yikes! I think they were getting smaller!
3rd chair from Ebay
New home for the 3rd chair in my guest room
The vanity is from The Bella Cottage and I think the Ebay stool looks great with it!

4th and final chair (I promise Mike) from Calico Corners
I think I finally got it right!
Just waiting for the cute little pillow for the chair.  Every chair needs a cute pillow. Right?

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