Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday~Happy Halloween~Thank You So Much!

I would like to thank all of you who visited Thursday for my birthday post.   Thank you for all your very sweet comments and birthday wishes!  I had a great day!  It started with my florist delivering a very gorgeous arrangement from my husband!  

Then a phone call from my youngest son Darrell inviting me to lunch at PF Changs.  Then yummy Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches, cake and ice cream at home with Mike, my oldest son Brian and his family.  The icing on the cake was the San Francisco Giants winning game 2 of the World Series!  I took my camera to lunch but forgot it in my purse. :(  And if that wasn't forgetful enough I forgot to take pictures of my cake.  Of course it was pink with roses!  So my birthday pictures pretty much end with the flowers! LOL   

Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween!
My little grandson Caleb's very first Halloween.  He's the cutest skunk I've ever seen!   He's 3 now so he is an old pro with trick or treating.  

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting our fun Pink Saturday each week!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Have Reached A New Decade! YUCK!

WOW!  Where have the years gone?  I remember when I was approaching 50 I thought it sounded soooo old and I would have been quite happy staying 49.  But today I have reached the BIG 60!  Yikes I can't believe my fingers actually typed that!  Now if I could just get used to saying it!  :)  
I think this was the last cute picture that was ever taken of me! :)
I'm the cow girl and my OLDER sister was a gypsy.

Don't you just love that TV! Wonder what my mother had growing out of the bottom of it? LOL  See the ceramic dog on top?  My sister used to tell me it was a real dog and my mother had it bronzed!  Remember back in the day when they used to bronze our baby shoes? In fact I still have mine.  Like I ever believed that story anyway.  I think even back then I knew the difference between ceramic and bronze and besides you couldn't bronze a dog!  DUH! LOL

Couldn't resist showing you my baby shoes!

Do you see the parakeet on top of my head?  That was my father's favorite bird named Billy.  
I think back in those days there was only one style of glasses for poor kids like me. I started wearing glasses at the young age of four.  My sister and I went to see Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea and we sat in the front row.  The next day my eyes were swollen shut from eye strain.  My parents thought I fell down all the time because I was clumsy but it was because I couldn't see! LOL Anyway my mother took me to the eye doctor and he determined I was very near sided not clumsy! :)  All I can say is thank goodness for contact lenses when I was a sophomore in high school and later on laser eye surgery!  

Thanks for visiting me on my 60th birthday!  There's that number again!  :( I imagine I will get used to it but I think it's going to take some practice.  I was truly blessed with wonderful parents...I only wish they were here today to celebrate with me.  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Island Jr. Is All Done!

Here it is all finished!  I decided to use a knob instead of a handle for the door so that took care of that dilemma.  There isn't a lot of space so I think the knob worked just fine and even better we can start using it.  Now I just have to find the right pretties that are worthy of such a pretty little island to display on top. 

My Little Island Is Almost Done!

Before I show you my island Sophie okay really her mommy wanted to show you her new Halloween bows.  
I had to chase her around the whole house to get these pictures!  These were the only two that weren't blurry.  She moves pretty fast for an old girl!  

Okay so now for the progress on little island jr.  The finisher delivered it yesterday afternoon which of course was really exciting!  Remember when I asked your opinions on what type of finish I should do?  Most of you said white.  Well I agreed so white it is!  If I ever decided I was bored with it I can always have it glazed.  
Isn't it great so far?  Steve will be over in a little while to put the panels on and install the drawer.  I just ran into one little problem though. I have a knob for the drawer but no handle yet for the pullout for the garbage.  All my cabinet hardware came from Restoration Hardware.  Some of you might have seen on CNN last week a very disturbed 23 yr. old guy set fire to the Roseville Galleria Mall.  Which is so tragic for all the people it employs to be out of work at this time.  But guess where Restoration Hardware is?  Yep, at the Roseville Galleria!  The mall is closed of course therefore I won't be going there to buy a handle.  In the mean time I can stand back and admire it and eventually it will have trash in it! LOL
The panels waiting to be installed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!  Last week at this time I was having fun in Las Vegas.  Boy the week just flew by.  I promised to share with you the conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel.  They do such a beautiful job decorating for the seasons and their fall decorations were no exception.  The orchids in the greenhouse were so beautiful and I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever saw a pumpkin weighing over 1000 lbs.  I love the way they arch the water over the bridge.  I did have a bit of a problem going over though since the kids in front of me kept wanting to stick their fingers in it.  LOL Of course my husband got through without getting wet and was waiting at the other side laughing at me!  :)  Oh and you should see their decorations for Christmas!  I'll have to share them with you from our trip a few years ago.  It's amazing!

I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the conservatory as much as I did.  If you ever visit Las Vegas I recommend visiting The Bellagio Hotel.  If you don't mind popping for a bit higher price room I recommend staying there too.  They have the best pillow top beds and they even sell them (new ones of course). LOL  

This is for my husband and his United Air Lines buddies at work that read my blog...I do enjoy other things in Vegas beside BARRY MANILOW!  :)  And no I won't be posting the Gordie Brown pictures!  :)  You'll have to use your imagination from the story Mike told you!  LOL

This week I am featuring Brenda at Brushed By An Angel.  I just became a new follower and I hope you will too.  She has an Esty Shop where she sells her painted pretties. She is a beautiful painter!  Please take a few moments to visit her for Pink Saturday and tell her I sent you. 

I would like to thank Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting another fun Pink Saturday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Las Vegas Continued!

Inside the Paris Hotel.  It's hard to believe you are actually in a Hotel/Casino.
The Bellagio
In front of New York New York Hotel.   Kind of looks like I was really in New York doesn't it?  Specially the skies!
The M&M's store!  It's so cute inside.
Barry's tribute to American Bandstand...of course he wrote the song!

Look at all those Fanilows waving their glow sticks! 
His most requested song and the Finale number Copacabana!