Monday, March 14, 2011

I Need Help!

Last Friday when I was uploading pictures for my pink Saturday post I received a message my Picasa web storage was full.   I hate to sound dumb but I didn't even know there was a limit. I had to delete some of my photos so I could do my post. I followed their directions and upgraded my storage.  I received a confirmation email and it explained it might take up to 24 hrs. to see the upgrade.  That was Friday and still nothing.  I sent an email inquiring about it and I got an automated response telling me my card didn't go through so they cancelled my order!  I went to where my card info was and it was all correct.  The email said to try purchasing it again.  This time I used my debit card.  Still no added storage!  I sent another email and got the same automated response.  Now they are telling me neither one of my cards will except a 5.00 purchase!   I found a phone number for google and I figured what do I have to lose?  After a long wait I finally heard the voice of a real person only to tell me they don't have any human support for that issue! lol   She told me to do what I had done for the last three days!  The charges show pending on my accounts so I can't figure out what their issue is.  

Have any of you had a problem like this?  Is there another way to store pictures for your blog?  If I don't find a solution then I won't be able to post pictures anymore.   That pretty much puts an end to blogging.  :(  

Hopefully someone has some help for me!  Thanks so much! 



  1. I got the same message a few weeks ago and asked around and was able to pay the 5 dollars and it worked fine? I was a little worried about the message at first and whether it was legitimate. Hope it works soon for you

  2. Hi Denise, because Picassa and Blogger are in the same family, I don't know if you do have a choice.
    I had the same problem last week and didn't know that you could have too many photos stored either. I did buy more space and had no trouble with it. I would say try again and hopefully it will work. I am beginning to think it's strange that this is happening to so many of us at the same time......?
    I hope it works out for you.
    It probably feels hopeless right now, but I have faith that you will get it taken care of. I am keeping my fingers crossed, afterall, you would think they would WANT to take your money!! Char

  3. I am completely illiterate, ignorant and inept at anything to do with this lovely medium, save for hitting "post" on my blog and sending e-mail.

    Wish I could help---I did notice a couple of days ago that your picture on my FOLLOW wall is gone, with one of those annoying little red "x" things in its place.

    I'm sure you'll be successful soon. I do way more writing than posting pictures, so I've not encountered this.

    Hoping for the best!!


  4. Thanks you so much for becoming one of my follower your blog is very sweet, One of my friend has a blog (The Hopeless Romantic) I think you will love please go over a check her out look forward to reading your blog. have a great weekend


  5. Hi girlfriend, I hope you got the picture problem all figured out and can move forward now. I have been thinking of you!! Wondering how you are doing.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog and the blooms. I had to laugh when you mentioned all the rain. It's good though, because I can remember the years CA was nothing on the news but the word drought. I hated that and now your rivers and the delta should be green.....lots of growing this summer hopefully.
    Be well sweetie and I will check back for Pink Saturday to see if you were able to upload. My fingers are crossed!!! Char